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Monday, May 26, 2008

Mixed Media Monday

I started this piece over two months ago, (see my March 16 entry)as a pencil sketch of my neice. From there it evolved into a painting, the first painting I've attempted in more than 15 years! I glued the sketch onto a 24 X 30 inch canvas and covered it with acrylic paint. Details were added using a black Sharpie pen. Although I am happy with the colors and the drawing, I'm not sure how I feel about the piece as a whole. This was definitely a learning experience for me. My next painting (a portrait of Doodlebug's identical twin) will have more curves than sharp angles and straight lines. It was heaven to be painting again, though, and I have at least five more ideas for paintings swirling around in my head!


Anonymous said...

Lovely, Alberta! Diane

Willy said...

Great artwork!

Anneke said...

very lovely artwork