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Monday, May 26, 2008

Arty Girlz Recycle Challenge: Necessity Is The Mother Of Invention

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Recycle is my middle name! In fact, if you look up recycle in the dictionary, you will see a picture of me getting out of a car to scavenge items that have been put out for trash. My children were trained at an early age to leap from a moving vehicle, shove curbside art into the trunk, and jump back in, before the car ever rolled to a halt, thus avoiding public humiliation by any friends that might happen upon the scene and see them foraging through garbage piles.

I can remember being about 8 yrs. old and desperately wanting to create art, but not having any supplies, so I collected bits of colored glass out of the street to make a mosaic on cardboard. About 80 % of my home is furnished in Cousin Mae's hand-me-downs, road-kill, flea market finds, and Salvation Army purchases, repainted, recovered, and revamped. Ava here, not to be confused with my sister Ava, is an "original sculpture" created from a wig stand I begged from the drama teacher at my school. I must confess that I was inspired by one similar that I saw in Domino magazine last month.

For more recycled treasures, check out my Flickr or scroll down a little bit to see photos of my attic studio. Almost nothing is new: the Queen of Mardi Gras lamp was once covered with Mallard ducks, the roll-top desk was my son's and was stained oak until 2 weeks ago, shelving came from flea markets, and my art table began life plain brown in my husband's accounting office!

Thanks so much for this challenge, Arty Girlz


Unknown said...

WOW Alberta this is amazing .. infact your whole blog is!!

Thanks so much for joining in with our Recycling challenge I look forward to seeing many more entries from you ...love your style :) xx

Laura Kirste Campbell said...

When I first laid eyes on Ava I thought it was a painting, umbrella and all! She's wonderful! Your blog entry about recycling made me laugh hardily! I think you're my long lost twins sister! :) (I have an owl in my freezer...what's in yours?)

Laura Kirste Campbell said...

Funny me, now that I read it rather than scan it, I realize there are two of you!...and Ava is not the artwork, but one of you! Tee Hee

Lee Ann said...

Alberta, you rule. I'm almost finished with my seven deadly pens, thanks to you, and I won't tell Julie what you have in your refrigerator (body parts?)

Btw, Alberta's MY twin sister, but I might share if I'm feeling mellow.

Anonymous said...

She is fabulous!!

Dymphie said...

Thanks for the laugh. Love the wig stand. You have a wonderful studio.

artbrat said...

She's very whimsical. I just love her.

I have answered your tag today. Sorry for the delay, I just seem to be really busy lately.

I had to laugh at the thought of your kids collecting the "treasures" as quickly as possible so they would not be seen. My hubby does the same thing!

Crissi Harvey said...

wow shes so much fun and you write up did make me laugh the though of your kids jumping out of the car LOL

Thanks for joining in the on going recycle challenge on Arty Girlz cant wait to see more of your recycling.

crissi xx

Flassie's Fil'a said...

I seen one of these the night
b/4 a yard sale. I have been
working on three other wig heads
that I need to to finsh. I made
one of them into a mosaic head.

Awesome Studio Awesome Head!
Your blog entry made me laugh!

God Bless Your Creative Lives!!!