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Monday, September 17, 2012

Random List

Sleepytime Rain 12 X 12 mixed media for Take a Word

I love naps and listening to the rain on my screen porch.
I drink coffee, wine, and whole milk.
I have sons that play me songs, bring birthday picnics, and share my art on their Facebook pages.

I teach American literature to students with learning disabilities.
and I never read the newspaper.
I love ballet, Fall, and girlfriends who always show up.
I have a husband who bakes me cookies and scrambles my eggs.

I listen to Al Green, Emmy Lou Harris, and frogs.
I'm as loyal as a dog and loose as a goose.

I'm organized but absent-minded.
I don't believe in ghosts, bad manners, or holding a grudge.
I like to drive at night with the music up and the windows down.
I dream about seashells, flying, and my grandmother's house.

I collect broken jewelry and scraps of paper.
I need to know why, and I hate to hear no .
I wear high heels, flip flops, and running shoes.
I dread change, but I often seem to seek it.
I love rituals, and I hate routines

I look for lightening bugs, lucky rocks, and little people.
I like swimming in cold water and getting in hot cars.
I eat slowly, walk fast, and get up early.

I believe in forgiveness, singing along with the radio, and that George was the best Beatle.
I never meet a stranger, and I hate to say goodbye.


Lori Saul said...

A fabulous flight into fancy- love this!

Liz said...

She is so cute and adorable

bohemiannie! art said...

What awesomely wonderful poetry.

Yvonne said...

awww, she's so sweet!

Electra said...

This is simply Delightful!!!

indybev said...

The art is fantabulous, and the prose enchanting! Thanks so much for sharing your talent!

Bill said...

I love this! She is the perfect zetti creature!

Judy said...

The loveliest Zetti girl, adorable, Kathy!

Christine said...

After a list like that you are not a stranger anymore :)
Your flying melancholic zetti girl is adorable. (My only nice dreams are the ones I'm flying, or floating in the air, really really good feelings...)

Sim said...

One word: PERFECT!!!

Marja's Stamp Addiction en Marja's Creativity said...

Wonderful and very beautiful page of Zetti art.
Lovely greet

Deann said...

You sound like a person worth knowing and your art is inspiring!

Ozstuff said...

I loved reading about who you are and, yes, George Harrison had the sweetest voice and he died too soon.
Your picture is beautiful.

Junibears said...

Just wonderful! She is delightful! xx

Taluula said...

A wonderful flight of fancy, my friend. A lovely and stunning piece.

indybev said...

I love your whimsical little flyer, and accompanying prose. Thank you for sharing!

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