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Sunday, March 9, 2008


Not sure of html protocol, but any posts to Ava and Alberta's page from the following should be disallowed:

Gordon Lightfoot
Margaret Atwood
Ted Koppel
Michael Ondaatje (even though we realize he wrote The English Patient, the movie was far superior)
Bobby Orr
all members of Rush
Wayne Gretzky
Howie Mandel
Hume Cronen
Matthew Perry
Celine Dion
Alanis Morrisette

Why? Yes, they're Canadian. This is Alberta's high horse, and I suggoost that she dismount, but as usual, I have little influence. I'm 21 months younger and an inch shorter than Alberta.


Cowgirl Mary Ann said...

Are Jamaicans considered Canadians? They sound alike. They have lots in common. I was wondering because Don the Ent was born in Jamaica and I would hate to have him silenced... : - (

*jean* said...

what about joni mitchell.........you can't not allow joni.....