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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

I'm Not As Sweet As I Used To Be

Ava mentioned to me recently that I have a habit of making a declaration of intent and then indignantly doing a complete, yet arbitrary, 180. I prefer to think of this trait as being flexible, free-spirited, even whimisical, if you will. Ava called this to my attention one evening, when I politely insisted that we curtail our Walmart shopping so I could get home and cook dinner for my hardworking CPA husband. After all, it is tax season, and he needs his stamina to work the necessary 18 hour days, and providing a hot, nutrititious meal is the least I can do for him. Before we arrived home, though, I remembered that he had plenty of chips, salsa, and grape Kool Aid on which he could dine very happily, and Ava and I could then go to the movies. I explained to Ava that I, like Bill Mahr, reserve the right to establish "New Rules." So here's my initial list: (more to come, naturally):

1. No silliness at bedtime, unless it's me or Ava.
2. No planting of pampas grass.
3. No gum smacking.
4. If you must use a cliche, use no less than three.
5. Credit where's credit's due.
6. Bedsheets must always be tucked in on three sides.
7. Always leave at least one cup of coffee in the pot.
8. The last person out of bed has to make the bed.
9. No singing of old Girl Scout songs.
10. No outward display of bra straps; lingerie is an undergarment, not an accessory.

What are your New Rules? .


Counsel McCullen said...

....I will.

DMG said...

I knew that you would!

thug life said...

1.do not look at me
2.dont give me a lite shove
3.dont be aggravating
4.no talking all the time
5.dont like to go in walmart so much
6.fighting or cussing
7.no two faced people
8.no lying
9.no people being smarter
10.no bullying

Malchom Harley said...

no girls fighting
no two faced people
no selfish people
no hot-headed people
no lying
no fake people
no bullying
no overly cocky people
no stealing
no trying to make people feel bad about themselfs