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Sunday, March 16, 2008

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Here's a painting I'm working on now. At first Ava said that Amarylis' eye looked like a kiwi. So I changed it. Yesterday I had the best time. First, I painted the entire canvas pink, and then I fingerpainted orange to add dimension. Good times. Amarylis was with me in the art fort, uploading pictures. Earlier in the day she had been to her art class and finished both of her sculptures. It was like art camp at our house this weekend. Only Mary Ann and Abby were missing.Oh, and the Nan (of course). XLO05!


Cowgirl Mary Ann said...

I'm going to try again. My last comment was rejected. No porn, no bad words, probably just bad writing. This one will probably not pass the test either but I'm charging on.

I love your picture! It looks like Ava and Alberta and Magenta and Amarylis! And I love you all!

Mary Ann

Anonymous said...

Ms.McCullen I love your art work. I love how you can take a pice of paper and make it into a work of art :]

DMG said...

You are so sweet, Anonymous, thank you!