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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

A Season of Light

Luminescence 12" X 12" mixed media for Three Muses

Whether you celebrate Christmas or Hanukkah, the holiday season should be a time of light and love. I'm not sure how the holidays became such a bone of contention in our country. I grew up in a Christian family, but most Friday nights I went to Temple with my best friend who was Jewish. The vision of her family lighting candles is etched just indelibly on my mind as the memory of walking across the street every year to see the Christmas tree glow from our front window. I was fascinated with the idea of getting a gift every night for eight nights, and she was fascinated with the idea of going Christmas caroling. So I took her with me, and her mother taught me to make latkes. I remember the excitement of being an angel in our school Christmas pageant, and I also remember spinning a dreidel in my own Sunday School class.

When I first became a teacher, I taught my class about different cultural celebrations. We sang the dreidel song and filled shoes with candy; we decorated a Christmas tree, and we made menorahs. We sang Christmas carols, and we danced folk dances, and we lit candles. We celebrated together.

Somehow, it seems that some of the joy and magic of this time of year was lost when we began calling it the "Holiday Pageant" or the "Winter Break." Wouldn't it be wonderful, if children could still celebrate their differences together, if we could remember that this is the very reason our country exists, and we could fill the dark of winter with the light of love and unity that might bring a brighter tomorrow?


This Moment said...

I agree with you on this--I think so much of our country's focus isn't on connecting with others any more (not everyone of course). That's why I try to unplug and show my daughter that we need to focus on others and the joy of learning about different places and people.


Kim Mailhot said...

Focusing on the light and love is what makes the Holiday season special to me, along with some of my Christian traditions that are special in my family. Coming together in gratitude for what we have and sharing with those we love. That's a perfect life celebration, whatever the time is called.
Sending you light and love too, my friend !

Janet Ghio said...

Very nicely put! I love your painting. Happy holidays!!

indybev said...

Beautiful art, beautiful words Kathy. Merchandising, and hyping Christmas starting in October leaves us jaded by the time the season really arrives. I, too, wish we could get back to the simple celebrations of days past.
(By the way, check your link at Three Muses. It gives us a "Not available" message when we click on it).

Heather said...

LOVe this painting!

Carole Reid said...

I'd like to have the joy and miracle back. Merry Christmas to you Kathy and a Happy 2012!
Luminescence is lovely.

Giggles said...

Not only is your art beautiful, so is your heart! I agree one hundred percent.

I was the exact same. We celebrated our difference, learning along the way. It was interesting. I attended different denominational churches, with one common denominator,"Love"!It definitely influenced me in a positive way!

Wonderful post!
Hugs Giggles

Hugs Giggles

Taluula said...

My sentiments entirely, Kathy, coming from a very multi-ethnic, multi-cultural and diverse UK, we have learned to celebrate the season in ALL its guises and our lives are much enriched by it.

For me it's a happy Christmas time right now and whilst my Indian friends will happily join in our celebrations they have just celebrated their main festival of Deepavali and I loved joining in that too.

Respect over political correctness every time. Phew ... where did that come from?

Merry Christmas from me, my friend, and congratulations on such a gorgeous painting. :D

PS glad you were able to fix your link.

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