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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Memories of Vacations Past

Better Shot

This little one is The Sailor's Daughter. That's my father's green sailboat there on the horizon. Can you see it? I love this painting because my father's first boat had a wooden hull and emerald green sails. He taught me to sail on that boat on the Gulf Coast. I remember that he used to throw my sister and me off the back of the boat and time himself to see how quickly he could come about and rescue us. I also remember that he also used to time us while we rigged the boat, but I'm pretty sure this was just his way of having us put the sails up. Good times, though. Soon this sweet painting will be making its way to MIssissippi to Lucas Road, a gallery in the town where I grew up. This one's for you WA5UYW, Daddy!

for Crazy Amigos


Bren Graham Thebeau said...

Love this one. The softness of the waves and water and cloud filled sky, then the brilliant pops of colour and yes I see your Dad's sail boat skimming the waters.
Beautiful and wonderful that it's being shown in your home town gallery.

Janet Ghio said...

Kathy-what a wonderful painting and story to go with it! Haven't seen you around much this summer-have you been doing shows?

Unknown said...

I love this painting! I'm so drawn to the colors!

Anonymous said...

These colors... they're just so beautiful and feel so good! I could sit and gaze at this and be lost in a lovely, peaceful reverie and it'd be more therapeutic than any guided meditation. I also love that it's in tribute to the memory of your dad. xo

Marit said...

Sweet memories Kathy... and yes, I see the boat and I can almost picture you and your sister on it!

Anonymous said...

I love it Kathy! I see the boat!