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Tuesday, June 28, 2011


To the Lighthouse
To the Lighthouse 30" X 30" acrylic, ink, oil crayon, and charcoal

Okay, I told you you were going to more of these colors, so here we go. Another beach-inspired painting, very different from Early Bird Special, I know, but they come from exactly the same place. I'm also posting a photograph so you can see what I mean about the title. This is us enjoying the sunset from the beach overlooking Morris Island Lighthouse in South Carolina.

I really feel like I had a breakthrough with this painting. I've been studying abstract painting for a long time but have only felt truly inspired working on an abstract once or twice before. This time, however, something clicked, and I think I expressed something intuitively, in a style that evolved from many long hours of trial and error. I actually began this painting in a much more primitive style, but I wasn't feeling it. So I just did my new favorite thing: painted over almost the whole canvas with white and began again. Somehow the translucence of the inks and the delicacy of the glazes, in this version, translated the calming effect of the rushing waves and salty mist of ocean air.

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Carole Reid said...

Kathy, you certainly have a talent for abstract! Cute photo.

Linda Gibbons said...

I love this! I immediately thought of Virginia Woolf's story, "To the Lighthouse", although I haven't read it since high school and don't remember it at all. Must be the abstract-ness of the painting and the way the colors blend and move. Any way, I do love it!

Taluula said...

Kathy, this is an inspired piece of artwork my friend.

Terri Kahrs said...

Beautiful! I can almost feel a cool sea breeze!!! Hugs, Terri xoxo

Bren Graham Thebeau said...

Oh I just had to go on your Flickr site and see the macro versions of this one, it's there you can really appreciate the textures and the depth of colour you've achieved with this. Got to love those break through moments when they come. Looking forward to seeing what comes spilling out next. Great picture of you and yours, I can feel the soft sand on my toes, enjoy.

Lori Saul said...

Wonderful and special piece- you look happy and relaxed too. Love catching up on all of your beautiful new works Kathy. Hope your summer is full of fun and creativity!

Marit said...

This is a very special painting, yes I can see that! It comes in deep. I love the title too (and it triggers me to read the book by Virginia Woolf again!) Enjoy your weekend dear one!

Kat W said...

Great abstract & lovely photo. Similar to you I've only just begun to explore abstract painting & find that I really like it and have more of an appreciation for other people's abstract art. Thanks for sharing your process as well.

Kat X

Unknown said...

Kathy you are so talented, girl! I love your paintings. This one is rich in color and texture. Lovely choice of colors. This is a wonderful photo of you both. So relaxed and enjoying a serene moment with one another and a glass of vino. Perfect.