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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Infinite Being

Infinite Being

for TGIF's Pointy Hat challenge and SaWo's Recycling challenge

In the past couple of weeks, I've become aware of certain connections in my art, in my reading, and in my life. I'm sure you've noticed the spiritual overtones in my recent work. While preparing to make my shrines for Dia Los Muertos and the Cigarbox Shrine Auction, I've been doing a lot of research, and I'm just can't seem to get enough of religious icons and symbols. The serenity of the faces, the rich colors, the tranquilty that radiates from the art of civilizations centuries apart have captured my imagination.

Last night I had trouble sleeping, so I tried meditating, which usually allows me to clear my mind and doze back off, but is always infinitely more pleasant than insomnia. This time, however, I began to imagine colors and images. A post on Jill Assman's amazing blog Follow Your Bliss , an article by Owen Waters that I read yesterday on Teesha Moore's blog and prompts from TGIF and SaWo came together magically, and soon an entire composition presented itself to me in my mind's eye. Since sleep was no longer a priority, although, it was three o'clock in the morning, I slipped out of bed and tiptoed up to my studio, where I made this in about an hour. Most of the elements on this page were already lying out on my table or desk, left over from recent projects, and others called to me from their drawers and cigar boxes. I hardly even thought about what I was doing. I just put everything together, as if I were on autopilot. Then I went to the Internet to read more of Owen Waters, and I found this. I thought I'd share it with you.

Seven Facets of Spiritual Awareness

by Owen Waters

Life can be a treadmill of mundane details or it can be an inspiring adventure of uplifting experiences. Through the regular, daily practice of meditation, you can start each day by raising your frequency of consciousness above the mundane, work-a-day level into the spiritual realms of consciousness.

Here are seven facets of spiritual awareness which unfold as a result of daily meditation. Any technique will work. The Infinite Being meditation technique is particularly effective.

A sense of flow attracts synchronicity into your life’s events. This almost magical sense enables you to always be in the appropriate place at the appropriate time in order to gain the most out of the experiences that the complete you, your inner self, planned for this life.

You develop a sense of unconditional love for the inner, spiritual essence of all the people that you connect with in your life. Even the difficult people, as they are often holding up a mirror for you to understand an aspect of past habits which, deep down, you would like to examine at this time.

Your sense of unconditional love naturally includes full acceptance of yourself, just as you are, with the personality that you adopted for this lifetime of experience. You can catch those old thought patterns of self-criticism and remember that you live in a universe which is naturally full of love and unconditional acceptance.

Accept abundance as the natural flow of the universe. Forget those opinions about there being something wrong with money. It’s a form of energy and the universe is filled with energy. Life gets a lot more convenient when you are abundant. It gets really inconvenient when you are not.

When you follow your innermost joy, you find yourself doing work that you love and find absorbing. When you find your work absorbing, you become very good at it, without feeling that it took a lot of effort to become that highly skilled. Following your inner joy is the secret to finding and developing an occupation which brings natural abundance.

Both men and women find that, with regular spiritual practices, their sense of intuition develops smoothly and naturally. Soon, your insights grow to become very valuable in dealing with the challenges of life.

A growing sense of creativity becomes apparent when spiritual practices become your daily routine. You discover new ways to achieve results because you see situations from a broader perspective.

Advances in spiritual wisdom and understanding come with deep meditation. In meditation, it is important to let distracting, surface thoughts dissipate so that deeper realizations may surface at the time that they are needed.

When you detach from worldly concerns and express a higher frequency of consciousness, the conflicts of the lower frequencies of consciousness become automatically healed. When you let go of any form of conflict within yourself, you are able to rise to a higher frequency of consciousness in a state of harmony and balance.

Higher frequencies of consciousness hold a higher power. Not just a slightly higher power. The power ratio of spiritual consciousness to conflict-oriented consciousness is many thousands to one. If you allow balance to enter your life through a spiritual state of consciousness, it will manifest immediately and very powerfully in your daily life. You will also be helping to raise the global consciousness in a very powerful and constructive manner.

Accept adundance,


Sandy said...

Wow this is absolutely unique.
Wonderful design and brilliant work. Love them.

Thanks Alberta for great work to TGiF and SaWo.

Anonymous said...

Great virbant colours, gorgeous artwork.

Rosie said...

Apart from loving your wildly vibrant page - created at an ungodly hour, I love that you shared Owen Waters with us! The 2 paragraphs that struck an instant chord with me were: Synchronicity and abundance... It's what I'm aiming for right now in my immediate future. How cool is that - like we're cosmically linked. =)))

DMG said...

How cool, Roise. Something told me that some of my kindred spirits were experiencing the same thing!

Terri Kahrs said...

I first saw this great piece on flickr and KNEW you'd have a fabulous post to accompany it! You didn't disappoint, Alberta. Your natural and innermost joy is reflected in this marvelous page. Thank you for sharing your art, your spirit and Owen Waters "Facets". Blessings & Hugs, Terri xoxo

Kim Mailhot said...

I thought I had "seen" you in that place, lovely One! Until someone has tried this wonderful practice it is hard to believe its power but once you have, you know it is undeniable. And then the art becomes an expression of all tha you have experienced as your soul travels between the two states with ease.
Accepting abundance and infinitely grateful for it all...including your sweet spirit connected to mine.
Love Kim

Astrid Maclean said...

Wonderful piece and great idea to combine the two challenges.

Barb Smith said...

I always adore your journal pages...they are full of spirit and soul and have a depth that is so moving. Wonderful, as always.

The Owen Waters piece is amazing. I have never read anything of his but I am excited to read more. I've just began meditating and love how it is centering me and making my feel so much more peaceful. Thank you for sharing...I am wowed!

Peace & Love,

Unknown said...

Wow! Alberta this is phenomenal! I am blown away.

BlueRidgeLady said...

I'm so glad I came here...to see this page up closer and on black. I can not believe you created it so quickly! I'm so glad you shared the piece by Owen, so inspirational and inspiring! I need to read more...it certainly must have worked for you! So gorgeous! Sometimes insomnia can be a good thing! No worries about last weekend, I know how it is! Glad you all got to get away for a girls weekend :D

Rhonda said...

This is a wonderful piece, love the vibrancy of it. Isn't it wonderful what comes from within so easily at unexpected times? Thank you for sharing your art and your process. Very inspiring post. Cheers!

Mari Robeson said...

Beautiful art and beautiful words!

peggy gatto said...

Thank you for both the image and your reflections!!

Ozstuff said...

There are pointy hats and then there are pointy hats and THEN there is the pointiest hat of all time! Fantastic picture and journaling and, most of all, you inspiring words.

Rein said...

Fabulous piece!

Christine said...

Amazing piece! I love the bird+eggs :-)