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Friday, September 11, 2009

When You're Good To Mama, Mama's Good to You

Razzle Dazzle (for Saturday Surprise and Saturday Workout)

Let the birthday festivities begin! My big day isn't until next Wednesday, and Wesley's is the following Wednesday, but since we like to tie one on, we started early. In fact, we really started celebrating about a month ago on his girlfriend Brooke's birthday at the First Annual Bob Dylan and Family Reunion Concert. Wesley had given Brooke two tickets to Chicago the musical. Sadly, though, Brooke was already committed to work the night of the show, and guess who got to be the back-up date! So Thursday night me and my baby hit the big city for a little razzle dazzle.


First stop was Wes' favorite favorite restaurant Taqueria Del Sol for the best fish tacos and salsa I've ever had

Taqueria del Sol

And then, on to the fabulous Fox Theater for a night of Broadway

Fox Theater

Our seats were on the thirteenth row and the show was simply amazing. For two and a half hours, I was transported to the dazzling 1920's world of vaudeville, nightclubs and glamour. Of all the musicals, I've seen performed live, Chicago is my absolute favorite: the music, the costumes,the lyrics, the choreography, and all that jazz!

Next stop on the 2009 Birthday Celebration Tour is girls' night with the Mimis and then another evening of music, with my 3 main squeezes, at the Leon Russell concert Thursday in Athens.


Come on babe
Why don't we paint the town?
And all that jazz

I'm gonna rouge my knees
And roll my stockings down
And all that jazz

Start the car
I know a whoopee spot
Where the gin is cold
But the piano's hot
And all that jazz


Terri Kahrs said...

Woo-Hoo! I L-O-V-E Chicago! And you had fabulous seats. How could you NOT sing after seeing that awesome show?!? We saw it on Broadway a few years back, and I couldn't wait until the movie came out!

Happy Happy Birthday to Wes and to YOU and to ME too! My birthday's the 23rd! I KNEW we had something in common! And my grandson will be celebrating his 15th birthday on the 23rd too. He was the BEST birthday present EVER! Love & BIG (early) Birthday Hugs! Terri xoxo

Sandy said...

Wow this is very impressive.
Stunning design and work. Love the women image.

Thanks Alberta for your altered work to SaWo.

Kim Mailhot said...

Woohoo !!!A birthday festival !!! That is soooo what you deserve !

I am headed to Squam on the day of your official birthday, so if I miss it let me say right now : Happy Birthday, beautiful, beautiful girl ! I am so very glad that you were born ! May the next year be filled with music, laughter, art and sweet moments of peace that make your soul feels oh so satisfied. Much love...and all that jazz !;)

Pom Pom said...

Hi A!
I'm a September baby, too! I love your happy celebrating!

Unknown said...

Beautiful work and great image, Alberta. I really love this.
Happy birthday !!!!!

Nettie Edwards said...

Well...where to begin???? Your image is SO bold! Very strong indeed and your lad is sooo handsome! I love Chicago too (great photo of outside the theatre) . Finally, have a wonderful birthday and I hope you take the whole week to celebrate x

Faye said...

Love your black, red and white piece you did for SaWo. And Happy Birthday, Alberta and Wes. Sounds like you have already had a great celebration.

Thanks, Alberta, for visiting my altered photo of me. Your comments were muchly appreciated.

Good luck in the new school year. Your students are indeed fortunate to have such a creative teacher.

Janet said...

I think birthdays should be celebrated for the entire month! It sounds as if you're getting a good start...."Chicago" and a handsome date!! Way to go!

Love the piece you did. The red and black are so striking.

Ozstuff said...

Love that song! Who could fail to love a song where a one syllable word such as "jazz" collects at least four more along the way?
Thankyou so much for taking us on such a wonderful tour of delight. Lucky you to have such a handsome escort who doesn't mind being seen with his Mum!!
One very great thing you do for your blog friends, Alberta, is convince them that life is ball and well worth the living. Your enthusiasm and joie de vivre is infectious and I thank you for that.

indybev said...

Happy Birthday on Wednesday!! I enjoyed being a voyeur for your trip to the theater with your handsome escort. I'm smiling at the verse about the whoopee spot. Times change, don't they. Now "makin' whoopee" has quite another connotation! Your art, of course, is outstanding, as we've come to expect from your talented self!

Lori Saul said...

A beautiful and expressive art piece Alberta and hope you have a wonderful birthday (sounds like a lovely start to the festivities)!

~*~Magpie's Nest said...

Happy Birthdays all around...keep celebrating...one day is never enough :)
this piece is full of celebration and fun! You express yourself so beautifully in art and words Alberta, it's always a delight to take in!
What a cutie you got to sit next to in the 13th row....a night to remember for sure!

LivArtNow said...

Happy birthday! This is a very cool piece!! Love the strong colours!!


Cathy Spivey Mendola said...

Sounds like you had a FAbulous time celebrating your birthdays! Sory I missed your birthday since it is now Oct 1st! Happy, happy belated birthday. ANd happy, happy to Wes too!
I love the musical Chicago and the Fox theater has to be one of the prettiest old theaters in the country.I love it there.
Glad you were able to see it.