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Friday, July 10, 2009

Big ETSY Sale:

I am forcing myself to do a cleanup in my studio and closing my ETSY shop, so I am putting all items on sale for half of their listed prices. If you are interested in anything, you can contact me on ETSY or leave me comment here. In addition, there a number of journal pages available that I have not put in my ETSY shop, and, if you'd like to purchase one of those, just let me know which one, and I'll check the availability. They are also priced at 15.00 plus shipping. You can find a ready-made black frame/white mat combination at Walmart, and it will fits most of these pages. My friend Susan has about eight of my journal pages framed in a mass display on her office wall, and they give the room a very colorful, happy atmosphere. Happy shopping!

Acrylic on canvas 12" X 12"


Poetic Artist said...

Why are you closing up shop on ETSY? Are you moving on to better things?

DMG said...

No, there just doesn't seem to be any point in maintaining my shop. I haven't sold anything through ETSY three or four months, and I realized that I can offer my paintings for sale right here on my blog. I also REALLY do need to make some room in my studio!

Janet said...

Sorry to hear that etsy isn't working out for you. I think the economy is the biggest problem right now.

I would love to see that office wall with all your framed prints. I'm sure that brings a smile to everyone's face when they see it.

PS - also thanks for your recent comment on flickr about my art evolving. I picked grow as my word for this year!

DMG said...

Thank you Janet. You're always such a comfort to me! I've found that people that are interested in purchasing my work will contact me in a variety of ways, and it wasn't so much that ETSY didn't work out, as it just didn't seem necessary.


Pamela Rosenberg said...

I was so sorry to read about your dropping your etsy site but I get it that you can sell your pieces on your blog and I was so relieved to hear that you will. I am the reader that asked to use the picture of your studio a month or so ago on my blog. I did post it and gave you a nod but I thought it would have one of your pieces in my studio when I get finished. So keep the creative stuff coming. I am a sure fan.