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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

How Does My Garden Grow

Mr. Al designed our Woodland Garden, and together we planted it with shade loving plants. Come down the path with me, and stop to smell the jasmine and sweet bay magnolia.

Mr. Tumnus stands sentry in the hellebores and sweet woodruff..

Rhododendrons bloom under the oak trees.

A long view of the back garden stretching toward the pond.

A tiny cottage garden lines the walk leading to my kitchen. This is where I grow my herbs and the flowers I use for cutting.

A winter storm felled the arbor last November, but my Mozart Rose blooms undaunted.

Foxgloves, my favorite flower, mingle with David Austin roses Othello and Mary Rose.

Zephrine Drouhin and Constance Spry roses clamber over the walls of the house in the front cottage garden (for Inspire Me Thursday and Saturday Surprise).


Snap said...

Beautiful! Love visiting gardens. Thanks!

Terri Kahrs said...

Alberta, your garden sings with serenity and color! You can see that things are tended to with love and care. Thank you SO much for sharing these beautiful pictures and letting us take a walk through your little garden of paradise! Hugs, Terri xoxoxo

BlueRidgeLady said...

Oh Alberta! I felt like I was in the garden of Eden looking at your pictures! Ahhh therapy! Now I need to know this: Do you grow your foxgloves from seed or do you buy the plants? I dont seem to have much luck with them but I love them and want them! I did throw some seeds out last year hoping for a surprise! Also, did you order your Mozart rose from somewhere? I love it! Guess what?
Sudie rose is blooming!!! Not like yours though!! Thanks for the garden tour my friend and one of these days maybe we can see them in person! Hugs!

Rosie said...

Good Golly Miss A!! What a beautiful garden... I'm sure you spend many a happy hour there. What a wonderfully inspiring place - a little patch of heaven on earth!

PS - the gessoed wood block was an experiment with some wall-filler paste... far cheaper than moulding paste and it dries in less than an hour (*wink, wink*).

~*~Patty Szymkowicz said...

Gorgeous garden = WOWEE!
Your Foxgloves are amazing! They do not do all that well here in N VA....ahh spring!

Nettie Edwards said...

Your garden is my dream!

pattie said...

Thank you for letting me come and rest in this peaceful spot....if only for a moment to be refreshed!

Lori Saul said...

Thank you for sharing your wondrous gardens- I feel better already!

nancy said...

I want to live there. In a tree house.

Heather Robinson said...

I'm writing this from an airplane. I'm on my way to visit this spectacular garden!!LOL ... just kidding. Seriously, this is absolutely stunning and so artfully created. I love that you interpreted the theme with these photographs.

Anonymous said...

Wow, your garden is an absolute dream! It is heavenly!

Karen Valentine said...

You have my ultimate dream garden. Everything about it is perfect, from the wooded area to the foxgloves. I was born and raised in Arizona, and I long for the cool moist air of a woodland garden. Thank you for sharing!


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