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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

These Are The Days

This is not a new page, but I think this is good day to recycle it (Arty Girlz). It is not unpatriotic to question the policies and decisions of the government of a nation, if questions are asked to bring about change for the benefit of its citizenry. If dishonesty in leadership is quelled, if the lives of young men and women are not lost in vain, if the sick receive adequate care, if the individual is allowed to make decisions about her own body, if every person is provided an equal opportunity to share the wealth of this nation, it is patriotic to question. Indeed, it is an act of supreme patriotism to exercise the rights on which this country was founded in order to ensure it freedoms. "We must not confuse dissent with disloyalty. When the loyal opposition dies, I think the soul of America dies with it." Edward R. Murrow

Yesterday a student whom I didn't know came into my classroom, just after I arrived at school. He was a huge guy, about 6'3", well dressed and smiling. He said, "I've got to get up real early tomorrow morning and get in line to vote." We chatted a little, and I said, "It's so exciting that your first time to vote is such a historic occasion, isn't it?" His reply was "Yes, m'am, it really is." Then he just kind of stood around a little, and I asked him, "Are you looking for Mrs. Reid or Mr. Banning?" His answer was, "No, m'am; I just saw your bumper stickers and followed you because I wanted to tell somebody how excited I am." I will remember his face and his excitement forever. (Creative Thereapy Calayst 34)

"These are days you’ll remember
Never before and never since, I promise
Will the whole world be warm as this
And as you feel it,
You’ll know it’s true
That you are blessed and lucky
It’s true that you
Are touched by something
That will grow and bloom in you"

10,000 Maniacs


Barbara Hagerty said...

Your mojo is shining!! Stop by my blog. I have a question for you to answer, and then pass along!


WOOHOOOO!! today's an exciting day..Obama becomes President or I move to Australia to live...LOL LOL

Crissi Harvey said...

fabulous piece im waiting for the news of who has been elected it could be a very historic day fingers crossed.

Thanks for joining in with the Arty Girlz challenge.


Hootin' Anni said...

I'm with Suzan, from above!!! WE NEED Obama!!!!!! America will be like a stopped up toilet if McCain wins. Sorry....but that is how I feel. Maybe that is why they're so 'gung ho' over Joe The Plumber!!! [couldn't help myself!!]


I sure hope your young student knows his vote for in the historic election is sooooo important. How exciting for him.

Janet said...

Sadly think too many of our so-called news reporters have forgotten Edward R. Murrow's quote. They seem to only feed us what the government says is ok which really isn't always the truth. I consider "the news" to be more entertainment then hard facts these days.

I'll join Suzan's group going to Australia if McCain/Palin wins!!

violette said...

joining you in celebration Alberta! Have a great day!

Love, violette

indybev said...

I love your page! It's very reminiscent of the style of Teesha Moore with your very own spin. Artfully done! I also appreciated your thoughts (which I share) and your story if very touching. We never know when we touch the lives of others, do we?

*jean* said...

Amen sister!! I'm with you all the way...I have never been soooo offended as I was when I heard it implied that you NOT a patriot if you question the government!! It's been like a bad Sci-Fi movie for the last 8 years...

I'm not going to sleep at all tonight....love your music choice and your art work....rock on

Lisa said...

Wonderful!!!!!! Love this post. :::looking for pumpkin bread:::

Anonymous said...

Love your blog! The story about Joel was a heart-breaker. We will know soon if Obama wins...I hope so!! I agree with J and Z! Thanks for visiting my website. I don't call it a blog because I don't really blog there, ha!

Lisa Kettell said...

Wonderful Artwork..

Leslie Rubio said...

Thanks for inviting me to the PARTY! I'm so excited to be here! WOW- I'm on the Peace Train now and I'm Riding like a big dog hanging her head out the window slobbering spit down my face-OH YEAH-I've got the biggest SMILE on my face right now!


Thanks for the party invite-I'll be sure to stop back by again, allright 'yall!

CHANGE is on the way! yipee!



Leslie Rubio said...

Oh, and while I was at the party-I became a follower-hope you don't mind!

yIppEE wE nOw HAVE A NEW PRESIDENT! barack obama!

Heather Robinson said...

It was a good morning for Canadians too hearing that Barack Obama was elected President. I couldn't be happier for your country and for the world. This piece says it all with flare. Congratulations! It IS a day of hope.

Taluula said...

Yaay, I love it.

Deborah March said...

Wonderfully expressive piece...WONDERFULLY WONDERFUL outcome!!!!

Sandy said...

Wow what an expressive work.
I love your wonderful work. You inspire me.

Anonymous said...

Hello girls! I found your blog through Arty Girlz Challenge #59 and have got to say...I am so into your creations!! How colorful, how enchanting, how MAGICAL! I'm saving you in my faves. - Serena Pia

Laume said...

I love your story of the student/first time student. I understand his need to find someone to share his excitement with - I live in a very conservative town and it was so frustrating not to have anyone to share my joy after the election. My youngest son is only 17, too young to vote this year, but he's been following the election process since the beginning with us. He told me the next day all the kids (except one, who was a first time voter who voted for Obama) spend the entire day complaining about McCain's defeat. What really annoyed me though was that in his American History class, not a single mention of the election. Zip. That's pretty ridiculous and smells like sour grapes to me.

Christy said...

If this happened to me I think once the student left the classroom I would have had a good happy joyful cry. Hah! What an amazing moment.