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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

It's Alberta's birthday!

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Yes, I know Alberta looks slightly deranged in this photo. But cut her some slack, she turns 30 today. I think. I could be confused. All I know is that I'm the younger sister; however, Alberta always gets the tiara and feather boa. Happy Birthday to her.

By the way, Alberta is slightly deranged, but in a good way, like Christmas trees.


DMG said...

Ava was kind! Today is my 50th birthday.


Crissi Harvey said...

Happy Birthday Alberta i think you do infact look more like 30 than 50
whats your secret LOL

crissi xx


You are SO NOT 50 today!You look like you are 30!!!!



Flassie's Fil'a said...

I agree you look 30!

We Wish You a Happy Birthday,
We Wish You a Happy Birthday,
We Wish You a Happy Birthday,
Happy Birthday To You...and
Many More Full of Lot's of
Joyful Laughter, Love, Playful
Fun and Wishes Come True along
with all Your Dreams Too....
I'll play a tune on my Mandolin
for You....
Pling, Pling Pling, Plunk, Plunk Plunk, Bling, Bling,Bling,Thump, Thump, Thump, Thump...A Happy Tune just for Alberta!

GOD Bless Your Life With Overflowing Joy!!!

Jazz said...

Well Happy Happy Birthday to you!

(Suzan told me to come wish you happy birthday on her blog - and I always obey Suzan).

Chriss Rollins said...

A very very happy birthday
have a wonderful year.
life is just beginning.
chriss x

Lisa Oceandreamer Swifka said...

Happy Belated Birthday Alberta! I think you look fab........oh to be 30 again. (wink wink)
Celebrate for a while....you deserve it!

Unknown said...

Hope you had a great birthday Alberta!!

Thanks for joining in with Arty Girlz once again

I'd like to give both of you an award which you'll find on my blog HERE

Julie xx

*jean* said...

happy happy birthday! can i borrow your boa??

Lisa Kettell said...

Happy Happy Birthday!
Lots of Magic and Joy to you!

Janet said...

Darn! I missed your birthday but Happy Late Birthday anyway. I hope you had a great day and lots of presents....oh, and cake, too!

Barbara Hagerty said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALBERTA!!!!! So sorry I'm a day late, but now you get 2 days worth of good wishes!! XOXO

artbrat said...

I haven't dropped in for a long time, so sorry I missed this. I hope you had an outrageous, fantastic day and wore the tiara and boa everywhere you went!

Giggles said...

So sorry I missed your birthday, my computer has been really slow and annoying lately
Happy belated birthday!!
you sincerely DO NOT look 50....you do look more in your thirties.....You go girl...what ever you're eating...it's workin for ya babe!! Fabulous fifty is you! Three of my best friends all turned 50 this year! I was two years ahead of them.... keeping current helps to stay young too!! I love that top you're wearing!
Have a wonderful year full of love, laughter, and abundance!! Much joy to you!!

Love and hugs Sherrie