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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Autumn Maiden Fair for Sunday Postcard Art

THE autumn comes, a maiden fair
In slenderness and grace,
With nodding rice-stems in her hair
And lilies in her face.
In flowers of grasses she is clad;
And as she moves along,
Birds greet her with their cooing glad
Like bracelets' tinkling song.
A diadem adorns the night
Of multitudinous stars;
Her silken robe is white moonlight,
Set free from cloudy bars;
And on her face (the radiant moon)
Bewitching smiles are shown:
She seems a slender maid, who soon
Will be a woman grown.
Over the rice-fields, laden plants
Are shivering to the breeze;
While in his brisk caresses dance
The blossomed-burdened trees;
He ruffles every lily-pond
Where blossoms kiss and part,
And stirs with lover's fancies fond
The young man's eager heart.



Virginia said...

Just beautiful..The colours are wonderful..

Sandy said...

Just beautiful.

Kreativgeschwafel said...

really lovely!

Moira said...

That background is stunning, so much going on with colour, and the card is a wonderful interpretation of the poem

Kris Dickinson said...


Daffie Online said...

beautiful poem & beautiful card!
The red on the background is sooo beautiful!

Anonymous said...

You have made very romantic piece!

Mandy Chilvers said...

gorgeous work!

Anonymous said...

Very elegant

nancy said...

Wowie, Alberta! You did a pretty! Beautiful work, as usual.

Deborah said...

Amazing. I love your style.

*jean* said...

Oh my, she's is just gorgeous!! Lovely work!