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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Alberta's tenuous grip on reality, or, Happy Birthday to her

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Since I could never begin to enumerate the joys of having Alberta as a sister, let me just tell you a story that illustrates one reason I love her so much. When we were, oh, say, in our thirties, and our oldest children, Andrew and Emily, were still impressionable, I casually mentioned to Andrew about how,in college, his mother won a wet t-shirt contest. I waited for her hot denial, but instead Alberta looked at me vacantly and I had to finish telling this completely fabricated story.

Later I said, "Why didn't you tell Andrew the truth and shut me up?" Alberta hesitated a moment and then said, "Well...I thought maybe I was in a wet t-shirt contest and just forgot." I'd like to add here that Alberta is not the one who spent most of her college years in a haze. You would have thought so, though. One night she dreamed a neighbor, Big Lucy, was expecting, and congratulated her on her pregnancy the next day. Lucy looked at her with much the same vacant look.

Like I said, the inside of Alberta's head is a kaleidoscope of swirling colors and patterns. Thank goodness she shares it with all of us. I'm the luckiest sister in the entire world.


DMG said...

Ava could have gone all day without telling THAT story.She may be the devil, but she's the best little sister in the world! I won't tell you about the time, when she was about 19, that I had to go get her out of a bar, Cash McCool's to be exact, because she was being UNRULY.

Audrey said...


Heather Robinson said...

What a marvelous tribute to your sister. I was laughing aloud as I read about the wet t-shirt and the pregnancy that appeared in a dream! We are all blessed that the swirling colours are shared with all. I think of your blog as a "thinking blog". I never leave without being inspired and enlightened.

Giggles said...

You guys are so much fun!! Love how you jest....love even better that Alberta doesn't dissuade it! Great Story!

Hugs Giggles