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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A Horse Of A Different Color

What inspires me? That's the question at Creative Therapy this week. Well, I guess that's no secret: color. Color energizes me. Color makes me want to create. Color heals me. Ava often refers to the kaleidoscope inside my head, and she's right. I am blessed with technicolor pictures where most people have a brain. I listen to songs on the radio, and I see colors. I sit in the dentist chair, flinching at the sensation and sound of the drill, and feel calmer, if I just let myself focus on the images and color I can imagine. I leaf through magazine, see a color in a photograph, and I'm overcome with the need to race upstairs, get out my watercolors, and paint! A color in a pair of shoes on the sidewalk, a tomato on the countertop, the rainbow of oil on the street after a shower, that's what does it for me. Remember in The Wizard of Oz when the picture on the screen suddenly changes to color? Color is enlightenment; color is spiritual, and color is healing. When I was in first grade, I had a little trouble learning to count to 100. I always got the 30's and the 50's mixed up. Instead of focusing on the dreaded worksheets (God forbid)I'd sit quietly at my desk, brand new box of 64 Crayola crayons in hand, obsessively coloring what I called "The Road to Heaven" over and over and over again. I was certain then that the way to Paradise was paved with a brilliant, swirling masses of colors. I still think that.


*jean* said...

i totally get it.....TOTALLY

Sharon Tomlinson said...

It is color for me too. Even what I wear has to be bright energetic colors.

Next, I have to say, this is my very most absolutely favorite journal page. It is the best. It inspires me.

Janet said...

I have always been drawn to color and texture. This page is just fantastic! As my "sweet" hubby would say it's an ocular orgasim! I love all the colors and patterns! And who wouldn't want a pink horse!! I especially like how the horse and the stockings on the girl match.