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Thursday, August 14, 2008

It's All About Me!

Was it really only about a week ago when I told you I wasn't very excited about going back to school? Scratch that. I have the best job in the world! Today I showed my writing classes how to collage. They'd been interviewing each another and writing biographies all week long,and I wanted them to make symbolic biography collages. I told them to think, "It's all about me." After they turned in their final drafts, I gave them each a 12 X 12 canvas and showed them my demo, which was yellow at the time, but, as you can see, has metamorphasized into shades of pink and red. Then I turned them loose with paint, magazines, stamps, patterned papers, and napkins (Sharon you were SO right about napkins). Even Edgar, who usually seems to be sleeping but who had the highest average in class last year, got into it, and, Rahima, who is very shy, showed a real artistic aptitude and stamped pink butterflies all over black and white checkerboard paper. A girl after my own heart. Next Monday I'm going to post their collages on Graffitti so please go by and take a look and leave a comment, if you have a moment. (They love that).

While they painted, I painted, and I listened to them exclaiming over their results, making suggestions, and congratulating each other on their masterpieces. Someone asked me if my jester hat was because I'm so silly. I took that as a compliment. Today I had so much more fun than I do painting all by myself in my studio. When that class ended, I read short stories aloud to my next two classes, ate lunch, and then I got to paint again with fifth period. Now, I ask you, who gets paid to have that much fun?


Janet said...

I bet your students LOVE you!! What a cool teacher you are. Can I take your class, too?

DMG said...

I think you should come TEACH it with me!

Sharon Tomlinson said...

Oh you have found the magic of napkins. How exciting for your students. And isn't it amazing how the napkin can lead you down the path of colors that work so beautifully. This collage is stunning and of course it is because you are so silly. I am anxious to see your students. I will be gone for the weekend but back Monday. I'll be checking.

Giggles said...

OOOH this is so beautiful and I just can't wait to see theirs too! You are giving them a gift early in life! Hopefully they won't be 47 when they decide they can do art, like I was!!

You are an awesome teacher...so positive. My daughter had an art teacher in grade nine who squashed her dreams. Even though she had and still has artist written all over her soul!

Hugs Giggles

Mike Thompson said...

Hi Alberta! I don't Know if you remember me but I remember you. I've been in Florida all summer on a job. I really wont to Know were your classroom is so I can visit.
your past student
Mike Thompson
aKa Big Tank
P.S I will be on my blog all year.

DMG said...

Big Tank is one of my former students and an awesome young man: an athlete, eager writer, and talented artist. Y'all should check out his blog, if you have a chance, and you can see some of his drawings on our student blog Graffiti.

rivergardenstudio said...

I love this story about you and your students! So, you are back at work already? I have one more week, two until students come. I teach art and have all these new ideas for this year! I also love your art and your blog...Roxanne