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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Happy Shark Week!

In his adolescence, we'd hoped Andrew would channel his fascination with the sea into marine biology. I bought him scientific guides and thought he might go study at Woods Hole; Alberta dreamed of having birthed another Winslow Homer; Mr. Alberta speculated whether Andrew could develop a patent for fiber optic underwater cables or some such that would link the world and lead us to a liberal democracy modeled on Atlantis.

No. Instead, Andrew just waits all year for the Discovery Channel's Shark Week with the same giddy fervor with which Dutch children set out their wooden shoes in December. I'm sure it's only a matter of time before he trades in his August birthday for Shark Week presents, delivered in bubbles and adorned with algae.

Oh, it could be worse; Andrew could be encrusted with salt. He could be the Dread Pirate Roberts. He could make us watch The Little Mermaid over and over like his little brother did; he could make us all go live in a biodome under the sea. He could make us all miserable by simply talking like a sailor, and with Alberta for a mother, it's a wonder he doesn't anyway. But we love Andrew and his obsessions. To kick off this week, Alberta made him the above collage, I wrote him a poem, and Magenta and Amaryllis watched Jaws I, II, and III. But I'm a little worried. If his obsession grows, we're gonna need a bigger blog.



Flassie's Fil'a said...

Your so funny Ava!

Love the Art Alberta!

Thanks so Much for Posting
the message to pray for me!

I'm on my way. I was able
to get a lot done yesterday.

GOD Bless You and Yours and
Lifting UP Prayers!!!

*jean* said...

It JUST so happens that my 10 year old has discovered the Jaw trilogy and wants to watch them ALL the time! I, too, know about shark week! We went to the Cayman Islands last year and he also got to swim with the sting rays, even after the Crocodile Hunter thing so you know he's a serious ocean boy...

What a great collage! I especially love the zettimaid! Lucky son....

Lisa said...

lol Awesome! Lucky guy.:)

Barbara Hagerty said...

FUN FUN Post!! I loved reading this as much as I loved looking at the collage, which was LOTS!!

Laura Bray said...

My daughter is obsessed with mermaids-what a pair they would make! The shark boy & the mermaid-sounds like a children's book-want to write it with me?

DMG said...

I would love to!!!! Shark Boy is 26 years old! We've been strict observers of Shark Week since he was eight. He called me last weekend to remind me that it was coming up and to tell me he had TIVO'd the entire lineup.

laurel said...

Great illustration and I just love the story with it.