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Saturday, July 5, 2008

Road Trip!

Tomorrow Ava and I are heading to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina with Susan for our Third Annual Girls' Trip. (This journal page is about as girly as you can get, so I thought I'D use her today.) Actually, it's the third for Susan and me and the first for Ava. I don't think Ava's had a child-free vacation in years. While we're there we plan to act in a way that would most certainly embarrass our children, if only they knew. But they won't because no children will be there! See, that's the beauty of it, only the girls (and I use that term loosely) go on a a girls' trip. If you get my drift. We're going to stay until Wednesday, and, then, on Thursday, Mr. Alberta and I are off to Belize to celebrate our 25th anniversary! I have no idea if I will have internet access either place, but I do plan to take plenty of pictures and share them when I get home. See you when I get back!



Anonymous said...

ooooh alberta, this is fantastic! i love elephants and this just brightens up my day. thank you for your kind comments. hope you have a fab time!

Anonymous said...

Well ENJOY BOTH trips..Such a bonding thing being with the girls...Such a loving thing being with the man you married...
Have a fabulous time!!

Rebecca Ramsey said...

Alberta, we certainly have a lot in common! Not only do our sons look remarkably alike (remember the carnivalee?) but we just returned from Myrtle Beach and I love Belize!
Hope your trips are going to be fantastic!