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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Alberta, she think she all that

from Ava: Easter Sunday, I had a cake epiphany. I made a carrot cake and decorated it like an Easter basket. I put candy eggs on it, and coconut all colored with food coloring to look like Easter grass, and a forsythia branch over the top like a handle.

I was icing it with a cake spatula and I mentioned to Alberta that my cakes were always messy looking, and she told me--get this--that you could go back over it and smooth it out WITH A BUTTER KNIFE! I was so excited. My cake turned so pretty, but Alberta, then she started making fun of me, and I had to remind her that I have the best vocabulary. Alberta, she ain't all that.

1 comment:

DMG said...

I'm all that AND a bag of chips. I'm just saying.